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We believe no Jew should ever feel alone.

We ensure the lasting presence of an inclusive, vibrant Jewish community in St. Paul.

We unite people to care for the most vulnerable in St. Paul, Israel and 70 countries. We provide pathways to engage in Jewish life, and we inspire leadership, philanthropy and initiatives that deliver impact for our community.

  • Caring for Jews

    We are a safety net for people most in need. Through our network of partner agencies in St. Paul, Israel and overseas, we provide comfort and care for the elderly, emergency assistance for distressed families, immigrant aid, education, and community security.

  • Building Community

    We want all Jews to feel welcome and excited to live in St. Paul! We create opportunities to engage in Jewish life for Jews of all backgrounds and ages. We foster new ways to embrace Jewish life and help people make enduring connections to Israel.

  • Investing in our future

    As the central address for responding to community issues and needs, Federation drives change and supports efforts that deliver impact for our community. We do this by developing new leaders, inspiring philanthropy and facilitating innovative community projects.

In times of collective action, we are steadfast in our commitment to ensure that no Jewish person ever feels alone. Our unwavering commitment to aid those in need is beyond doubt. We provide invaluable assistance to individuals who are confronted with tragedy or uncertainty and to those who are seeking shelter.

Our mission is to safeguard the security and well-being of the Jewish people. We remain steadfast in our commitment to help those affected by conflict or those in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. Our work is crucial, constantly supporting our community, Israel, Ukraine, and Jews in over 70 countries. To support our ongoing efforts, please contribute to our annual campaign.