2022 Annual Campaign Chairs: Building a Strong Community for All

We’re excited to announce our 2022 Annual Campaign Chairs! Mary Ann Wark and Ron Matz are returning to lead the campaign for a second year. They will be joined by longtime community leader, Jim Rutzick.  


“We’re gratified that Mary Ann, Ron and Jim will chair our 2022 Community Campaign. They are the right team to build on last year’s success.” said Ted Flaum, CEO. “Each of these individuals has a strong commitment to Jewish life and to the growth and strength of the St. Paul Jewish community.” We asked our co-chairs what it means to them to volunteer in our Jewish community. Read what they told us below.


Volunteer with Mary Ann, Ron and Jim

As the hub of our community, Federation is the organization that ensures Jewish St. Paul remains strong by identifying critical needs and mobilizing resources and organizations to address them. The Annual Campaign raises funds for Jewish needs in St. Paul, in Israel, and globally. If you want to help strengthen our community by working with our campaign chairs on the 2022 Community Campaign, contact Dan Mogelson, chief development officer, at 651-695-3185 or dmogelson@stpaulfed.org.  


Mary Ann Wark: I lived in the St. Paul community as a child, got married after 10 years away and raised a family here. I’ve actively served on Jewish community boards my entire adult life, and I’ve learned that our community has changed, grown, expanded, and is more diverse. I’m also aware how much I can’t know myself.  

I trust the variety of Jewish community boards and their amazing professionals.  None of us knows everything that is going on or how to see the big picture of changes, let alone how to deal with them to benefit the community as a whole.  Our community needs a way to coordinate, fill in gaps and plan. Using our Jewish eyes and ears, we know there is more that needs to be done.  Having taught tzedakah to children for many years, I know I can’t just take it for granted -- it takes an act: giving.  It takes all of us -- tzedakah creates community.


Ron Matz: I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction in encouraging others to support the important needs of our Jewish community.  I am continually humbled by those who choose to defer their own priorities to those of the greater community.

Jim Rutzick: I am honored to have the opportunity to co-chair the 2022 Annual Campaign. Every year is important, and this year it is particularly so -- here in St. Paul, across our country and around the world. I’m always inspired by the caring people show in our community. Our St. Paul community members have been very generous in the past, providing both financial support, and personal time and expertise to help people in need. I know that this spirit of generosity will continue.