We're building a vibrant, cohesive and inclusive Jewish community.



What we did.

We listened to 350 people across our community and engaged agency, lay and rabbinic leadership to determine the 5 priorities for the future of Jewish St. Paul.

What we’re doing.

50 community volunteers serve on Research and Recommendation Panels convened by Federation. They are conducting in-depth research to learn the best methods to implement our priorities.

What’s next.

Each panel is recommending strategies to realize our vision for a dynamic, engaged and enduring Jewish community. Federation has assembled an Implementation Committee to review proposals to execute our recommendations.

We are committed to working together with lay and professional leaders from Jewish agencies, institutions and synagogues in ever-increasing collaboration and with a common purpose.

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Jewish communal life is being transformed locally and nationally by changing demographics, views about Jewish identity and practice, and shifting levels and forms of affiliation. The Greater St. Paul Jewish community undertook a community planning process to understand what this means for our community and how we set strategic priorities informed by reliable data and input from across the community. Our goal is to build, strengthen and sustain our community over the next decades.  


To begin, 350 St. Paul Jewish community members participated in 37 facilitated Listening Sessions and discussed what they value in the community and their concerns. A Leadership Team of agency executives, lay leaders and rabbis reviewed the Listening Session data and chose five community priorities, as well as a guiding principle, for the community to address.

Please read the Community Planning Process Findings Executive Summary for a detailed discussion of the Listening Session process, data and analysis.

Steering Committee


Randi Roth, chair


Wendy Baldinger


Jean King

Susan Minsberg


Jon Parritz


​Eli Skora


Mary Ann Barrows Wark

Project Managers


Nora Murphy, Panel Facilitator


David Milavetz, Panel Coordinator


Julie Swiler, Communications & Process Management


Leadership Team


Rabbi Morris Allen


Tracy Arnold


Jennifer Bagdade


Rabbi Shlomo Bendet


Barbara Brooks


Rabbi Jeremy Fine


Ted Flaum


Burt Garr


Barry Glaser

Leslie Hahn


Tom Cytron-Hysom


Steve Hunegs


Miriam Itzkowitz


Benjie Kaplan


Jean King


Barbara Lehmann


William Lipschultz


Rhoda Mains

Louis Newman


Jeff Oberman


Betsy Rest


Sally Silk


Steve Shaller


Rabbi Adam Stock Spilker


Jeff Tane


Michael Waldman


Rabbi Asher Zeilingold