The panel looked at the ways in which community members give of themselves and defined giving as: 

  • time
  • treasure
  • talent



Panel Status

In order to better understand the current state of affairs and other methods of giving, the panel conducted a two-part interview process.


First, they interviewed experts in giving and development professionals to learn about the trends they see and what causes donors to give.

Next, the panel determined that they should learn what is valued by donors in the St. Paul Jewish community. Thirteen donors were interviewed, including individuals from age groups 18-35, 35-50, and 50 and over.


The panel will use the data from these interviews and research to develop recommendations. They will recommendations issue their recommendations this spring.


Panel Members

Susan Minsberg, chair

Steve Brand

Jon Brod Farber


Beth Gendler


Karen Gordon


Leslie Hahn

Dan Lepow


​Michael Levitt

Rhoda Mains


Tracy Perlman


​Susan Robiner


Marsha Schoenkin