Frequently Asked Questions about Gesher l'Kesher


What is a Gesher l’Kesher Fund?
It is an endowment fund established in your name.  The fund is invested with the Jewish Federation of Greater St. Paul endowment.  You will receive regular statements letting you know the amount of money in your fund.


What does Gesher l’Kesher mean?
Bridge to Connection – the fund is your way of becoming connected to the world of philanthropy.


How do I get started?
You, your family and friends make donations to establish a fund in your name at the St. Paul Federation with a minimum of $360.  The more money you have in fund, the more money you can give to charity!


How do I give out money from my Fund?
Once a year the Federation will contact you to find out which charity you want to support with your donation.  During the first year of your fund (or when you turn 13), you can make a donation to a charity for up to 10% of your fund balance.  (For example, if you start your fund with $360, you will be able to recommend $36 for a charity.)  Every year after that, you can give 5% of the fund value to a charity.


Can I add money to my Fund?
You, your family and friends can add money to your account any time; special occasions like birthdays and graduations are a great time to make a deposit.


What happens to my Fund when I turn 18?
When you turn 18, your Gesher l’Kesher Fund can be converted to a “regular” donor advised fund if it has a balance of $2,500.  If not, you can add to the Fund to bring it up to the minimum, tell us to add it to the Federation.


For more information, contact Stacy Dockman at the St. Paul Federation, 651-695-3182 or