Application Guidelines for the E. David Fischman Scholarship:

Revised January 2021

Applications for the 2021-22 Fischman Scholarship are being accepted through the portal. Completed applications are due by April 15, 2021. Exact number of scholarships available each year is based upon past scholarship commitments, current scholarship requests and funds available from the Fischman Endowment.

  • Applicants must submit their online application containing the following information:
    • Name, address, e-mail address, phone number, date and place of birth.
    • Army service description, including years of service, division and rank.
    • Army release notification (teudat shichrur) or comparable document (photocopies are acceptable).
    • Field of study (e.g. Law, Political Science, Economics).
    • Universities and programs to which the applicant has applied.
    • 2-3 letters of recommendation. Each letter should not exceed one page.
    • Names, titles and relationship to applicant of those people submitting recommendation letters for the applicant.
    • Cover letter containing the following information:
      • Reasons for requesting the scholarship.
      • Recipients of the scholarship are obliged under the terms of the scholarship to return to Israel for a minimum of five years and occupy a position in his/her profession in civil or political life. Therefore, applicants must indicate such intention in their application letter.
      • Please limit cover letter to two (2) typed pages.
    • Resume (curriculum vitae).
    • Personal statement should not exceed one page.
  • Original (sealed) university academic records (undergraduate and graduate), including class rank and grade point average.
  • Candidates MUST submit an online application through portal on this page in order for the application to be considered. Applicants will not be considered until ALL information is received, and all information must be received by the April 15, 2021 deadline.
  • No application (complete or partial) received after the deadline can be considered for the coming year’s scholarship. Applications will be considered incomplete and not accepted if ANY of the items listed above are not addressed in the application letter OR if the online application and/or any of the accompanying materials are not received by the deadline.


  • A committee in St. Paul, Minnesota, through the offices of The St. Paul Jewish Federation, reviews all applications.
  • Virtual or in-person interviews with candidates may be held in Israel and in cities in the US where candidates are located in early-to-mid-March. Candidates who have been selected to be interviewed will be contacted to set up interview times.
  • Announcement of scholarship awards is usually made by end of May. Recipients are notified initially by e-mail and subsequently by mail. To be awarded the scholarship, applicants must submit notification of university program acceptance and intent to attend that particular university program. Scholarships will only be awarded to students who have been accepted to and will be attending qualifying universities.
  • Scholarship recipients are required to sign an agreement whereby the recipient agrees to return to Israel within six months of completing his/her degree. Students who do not abide by these terms will be required to repay the fund for all amounts received from the Fischman Scholarship Fund. Failure or refusal to sign this agreement may disqualify the candidate from receiving the scholarship; additionally, any delay caused by refusal to sign the agreement may result in postponement of tuition payments. (See further details below)**
  • Scholarship recipients are required to participate in an E. David Fischman Scholars reunion in Jerusalem in 2036 in honor of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the scholarship.
  • Fischman scholars will be asked to remain in contact with the St. Paul Jewish Federation and participate in periodic reunions with other Fischman scholars and Federation events.

** Per the E. David Fischman Scholarship Agreement, a Fischman Scholarship is awarded based upon the following conditions:

  1. You are expected to pursue the least expensive alternative to obtain your advanced degree when choosing your program options.
  2. Acceptance of a Fischman Scholarship carries with it a legal commitment to fulfill certain civic obligations set forth by Mr. Fischman when he created the trust.
  3. Specifically, upon receipt of your PhD degree (whether or not you have accepted a Fischman Scholarship for every year of attendance in pursuit of your degree) or sooner if you cease actively pursuing your PhD degree,
    1. You must return to Israel for a minimum of five (5) years and occupy a position in your profession in civic or political life;
    2. You are expected to return to Israel within six (6) months of receipt of your degree or cessation of studies toward a degree, and
    3. You are then expected to begin your position in your profession in civic or political life within one (1) year of receipt of your degree or cessation of studies towards a degree.  
    4. If you fail to do so, you must repay the Trust all amounts you received from the Fischman Scholarship Fund. Payment must be made over a five- (5) year period, with interest at the rate for federal student loans set annually by the United States Department of Education.
    5. If you do not remain in such a position in Israel for the full five-year period, the amount to be repaid will be prorated based upon the actual time in your position in Israel.

Important Dates

March 1 OPEN portal - accept application / additional materials
April 15 CLOSE portal - deadline for applications/additional materials
April 26-May 7 Interviews with applicants (those chosen for interviews will be notified ASAP)
May 7-14 Committee Review applications + interviews
May 15-30 Inform applicants of scholarship decisions

*Applicants please keep in mind these important dates.  After the application year has completed the application process and timeline will be reviewed.  The information on this site will be updated in January.

Limitations of the Scholarship:

  • The E. David Fischman Scholarship provides tuition and general fees ONLY to degrees leading to a doctorate. Expenses such as medical insurance, medical fees, room and board and other living expenses are NOT COVERED. The scholarship is paid DIRECTLY to the student’s university ONLY.
  • Scholarship recipients must have served in the Israel Defense Forces or the nationally recognized alternative, Sherut Leumi (National Service). Applicants who have not completed this service are not eligible for the scholarship, and their applications will not be considered by the scholarship committee.
  • Students are expected to pursue the least expensive alternative to obtain your advanced degree when choosing your program options. (For students attending Harvard University Law School, Fischman Scholarship recipients are expected to take the LLM waiver option.)
  • Scholarship recipients receive the scholarship through completion of their doctorates in the fields of Law, Political Science, and Economics. Scholarships are not provided for any other fields of study.
  • The scholarship is limited to certain top universities in the United States until completion of a doctorate. These universities include (but are not limited to): Harvard, Columbia, Yale, M.I.T. and Princeton. Other universities may be appropriate in accordance with the terms of the E. David Fischman Trust. If a student changes universities, this could affect receipt of the scholarship in future years.
  • Scholarships have been provided annually since 1996. However, it is not guaranteed that scholarships will be given out each year, as resources available for scholarships are limited by the economic performance of the fund.
  • The E. David Fischman Scholarship does NOT pay retroactively for previous years of tuition in which a student was not awarded a scholarship.

For students reapplying for the E. David Fischman Scholarship:

(Only applicants who have been wait-listed from a previous year or those who have been asked to re-apply may apply for a Fischman scholarship in subsequent years.)

  • Those asked to reapply will be contacted at the last given email/mail address 6-8 weeks before the application deadline to confirm that they are intending to reapply and to provide updated contact information and academic intentions. 
  • Those reapplying are welcome to submit any updates (e.g. cover letter, reference letters, transcripts, etc.)
  • The E. David Fischman Scholarship does NOT pay tuition retroactively for years in which the student was not awarded a scholarship, even if a student has applied in previous years.

For more information on the scholarship, contact the E. David Fischman Scholarship Administrator, at the St. Paul Jewish Federation at 651-690-1708 or via email at