Carleton College Hebrew Department

One North College St.
Northfield, MN 55057

P: (507) 646-4232

Carleton College offers Jewish Studies courses through its Religion Department, as well as Hebrew language and literature classes in the Hebrew Department.

Modern Hebrew is a vitally important language, and knowing it will give students a tremendous edge in a wide range of professional fields. These include international relations and diplomacy, international trade, public and private sector business, social work, teaching and research in literature, history and religion.

Hebrew is the language of the Jewish people, but you do not have to be Jewish or have prior exposure to Hebrew to master it quickly and well from the ground up.

The introductory Hebrew language sequence integrates listening, speaking, reading and writing in Modern Hebrew at all levels, with steady exposure to a variety of texts by and for native Israeli speakers. Classroom activities involve popular Israeli music, radio programs, advertisements and films. Courses will introduce students to different aspects of contemporary Israeli culture and life in the Middle East.