Jewish Community Center of Minneapolis (Sabes JCC)

Jay Phillips Building, Barry Family Campus, 4330 S. Cedar Lake Rd.
Minneapolis, MN 55416

P: (952) 381-3400
F: (952) 381-3401

The goal of the Sabes Jewish Community Center of Greater Minneapolis is to build a sense of Jewish community and enrich Jewish lives. We will reach out to all Jews, regardless of affiliation or degree of Jewish identification, with an emphasis on reaching families with school aged children.

The Sabes Jewish Community Center of Greater Minneapolis, along with Jewish community centers across the country, participates in the American ideals of non-discrimination and inclusion. Our programs, classes and facilities are open to all regardless of religion, race or national origin.

Kosher food is available at the JCC upon order. Kosher vending machines are also available at the center.