JYOLT! The Jewish Youth Organizing Leadership Team, an initiative of Jewish

2375 University Avenue W. Suite 150
Saint Paul, MN 55114

P: 651-632-2184
F: 651-632-2188


JYOLT is a coalition of high school and college aged Jewish youth who work in partnership to organize for change in their communities, through educating other Jewish youth about racism and other social justice issues, working in coalition and as allies to youth from other communities, and bringing a youth perspective to the work of Jewish Community Action (JCA).  JCA is an organization that works to bring people from diverse traditions and perspectives together to promote understanding and take action on social justice issues in Minnesota including issues of immigrant rights, racial justice, community reinvestment, and affordable housing.



JYOLT is open to all high school and college aged youth who are interested in organizing (bringing people together to address the root causes of inequity and injustice) in the Jewish community and in coalition with other communities.  JYOLT participants include affiliated and unaffiliated youth, as well as representatives from USY and NFTY groups, college Hillels and Jewish organizations, and metro area high schools and colleges.


For more information on YJOLT and JCA, visit: www.jewishcommunityaction.org