Mary Alterman

101 Oak Shore Dr
Burnsville, MN 55306

P: 952-435-6394 (Day)
alterman@iaxs net

Suitable Audience for Artistic Work: K-3rd Grade, 4th-6th Grade, Adults, Educators, Families; Collaborate with Other Artists: Theater Arts Artist's Statement:I have been making and teaching art since I received my Bachelors' degree in Art and Education from the University of Iowa in 1976 I work largely from the figure, doing portraits and some still lifes I have only recently begun to venture into some abstract work and collage making Otherwise I'm pretty traditional, using acrylics, charcoal and pastels. I was trained by the Nicholaedes method of learning to draw The focus of this being on capturing the "essence" of the thing, its weight, balance, gesture I continue to work in that view My work is highly expressive. Recently, I took up writing more seriously, studying with Natalie Goldberg,Writing Down The Bones I was inspired by her method of "timed writings" as a means to breaking through our judgments and personal critics, or "monkey mind" as she calls it. As with my art work, my writing has a lot of emotion and passion and I often allow the writing process to be apparent in the finished piece because I believe in the importance of process over product. Educational/Consultation Services: Exhibition planning, Ongoing classes, Residency, Seminar, Workshop. Educational/Consultation Service(s) Description: I primarily focus on self-discovery through the creative process I am not so much interested in people becoming something, as I am in that they discover something about themselves and their lives, their passions and their goals, and that they begin to lay out the path for themselves to live the life they've dreamed of having. To this end, I have done a variety of things, such as an exhibit for emerging artists, creativity seminars, writing support groups, after school writing and art workshops I have received funding from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council for some of my work. I structure my workshops in a way that builds community among the participants and empowers them to play an integral part in creating what the workshop is for them.Accomplishments: 1997-1998 - Columnist for Woman Artist Registry of MN Newsletter. 1996, summer - Created, organized, promoted A Room of One's Own, an art exhibition held in Northwest Minneapolis for Emerging Woman Artists. 1996, spring - First solo exhibition woman x woman at Prairie Star in Minneapolis. Created and headed "Reinventing Woman," an arts organization/support group for emerging women artists. Created and taught ongoing Woman's writing Support Group. Visual documentation of work is available.