Mikvah Association of St. Paul

Montreal Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55116

P: (651) 698-6163

St. Paul's Mikvah (ritual immersion pool) is a completely modern facility used by Jewish women who observe laws of family purity, for ritual immersion of new vessels, and for conversion to Judaism. For information or an appointment, call (651) 698-6163. Mikvah volunteers will answer the phone when available to make appointments. The answering machine will not pick up unless mikvah volunteers are out of town.

Four mikvaot are located in the Twin Cities:

Corner of Minnetonka Boulevard and Natchez Avenue, St. Louis Park
Kennesseth Israel Congregation in St. Louis Park
Adath Israel Synagogue in St. Pa u l
Montreal Avenue in St. Paul

Chabad Lubavitch of Rochester also houses a mikvah.

Mikvah resources:

Waters of Eden – The Mystery of the Mikvah, by Aryeh Kaplan (NCSY/Orthodox Union)

The New Jewish Wedding, by Anita Diamant (Simon & Schuster)

Total Immersion – A Mikvah Anthology, by Rivkah Slonim (Jason Aronson Inc.)

How to Run a Traditional Jewish Household, by Blu Greenberg (Simon & Schuster)

The Jewish Woman, essay by Rachel Adler, ed. Elizabeth Koltun (Schocken Books)