Nechama - Jewish Response to Disaster

4330 S. Cedar Lake Road
Minneapolis, MN 55416

P: (763) 732-0610
F: (612) 866-3108

Nechama (the Hebrew word meaning comfort) is your way to help fellow Minnesotans clean-up from nature’s most damaging storms. As a Nechama volunteer, you will travel to the scene of natural disasters and be part of a team to assist in the relief effort.

Among the tasks we do are cleaning up and clearing out from floods and tornados. We use pumps, washers, sprayers, hand tools and chainsaws to gut basements and remove fallen trees. If we get there before the flood water crests, we’ll also be part of sandbagging teams to help save homes, businesses, schools and community buildings.

Working with Nechama will be one of the most gratifying volunteer experiences you can have. We work directly with real people facing real tragedy to help get them back into their homes. The work can sometimes be hard, dirty and tiring. Lots of schlepping. Lots of schvitzing. But you will be part of the frontline team that makes a real difference in people’s lives.

The Nechama disaster season runs from late May to early October. Check our web site to sign up as a volunteer: Go to the "How to Help" tab and click on Volunteer Application. Or check our Relief Hotline at (612) 334-7070 for deployment updates. Thanks for being part of the Nechama Team!