Sharei Chesed

1712 Hopkins Crossroad
Hopkins, MN 55305

P: (763)545-8800

Welcome to Our Home

A House of Worship is many things. It's a gathering place. A meeting place. A sharing place. A caring place. A learning place. And, most important, it is a place of tefillah (prayers).

It's where families can come together to celebrate important life cycle events. Where our children go to prepare themselves for Jewish adulthood and community service by learning and practicing the traditions and rituals
of Judaism. It is where strangers feel a warm welcome and have the opportunity to meet new friends.

And it's where we go to find meaning and purpose in our lives, alleviation of our sorrows, and simple explanations for the profoundly unexplainable.

It's where we pray.

A House of Worship may be where troubled people can unburden their souls and have a quiet, personal conversation with G-d. And where congregants can give communal expression of their devotion to and acceptance of a higher power.

It's where we can go to conect in a positive way with the ultimate source of our being . . . to cleanse ourselves of guilt, shame or remorse . . . to express appreciation for comfort and sustenance . . . and to ask for G-d's blessing.

It's where the combined power of many voices help us magnify the individual longing we each feel for forgiveness, understanding and acceptance. We come together and complement each other through joint prayer no less than do individual voices in a choir.

Sharei Chesed is such a place. And we invite you to join us.