Shir HaNeshamah Jewish Renewal Minyan

2584 Upton Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55405

P: (612)374-4765

Welcome to Shir HaNeshamah, Song of the Soul, a Twin Cities Jewish Renewal community and mishkan, or prayer space. Shir HaNeshamah is affiliated with Aleph: The Alliance for Jewish Renewal (, which is dedicated to reclaiming the Jewish people's sacred purpose of partnership with the Divine in the inseparable tasks of healing the world (tikkun olam) and healing our hearts (tikkun halev). Jewish Renewal acts to fully include all Jews and all peoples and seeks to bring creativity, relevance, joy and an all-embracing awareness to spiritual practice and life. We invite you to join us at our various events each month, including a Friday night Shabbos Dinner at a member's home and a Second Saturday Shabbat Service from 10 am to noon at the Twin Cities Friends Meeting House, 1725 Grand Ave., St. Paul, just down the street west of Macalester College. In addition, we have various special events, such as Second Day of Rosh Hashanah services and Shabbaton with leaders such as Neila Carlebach. For the latest event updates please check our Hotline, 612-794-7146. Our innovative and inspiring Jewish Renewal services embrace a mixture of heartfelt prayers, chants, meditation, music (instruments are encouraged), dvar Torah, healing prayers, and movement. Following the service we have Kiddush and an Eco-kosher, vegetarian Potluck Lunch from noon to 1 pm. People are encouraged to bring organic, egg and dairy-free (vegan) food, if possible, to bring about Tikkun Olam and help meet the food needs of our diverse members. In further recognition of our diverse needs, those who need eggs or dairy may bring those foods. We welcome people of all backgrounds to join us. Please let us know if you'd like to be on our email list to receive event updates. In addition, we'd welcome your membership in Shir HaNeshamah which is just $10/month ("Shir HaNeshamah", 3119 Zarthan Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55416.) To learn more, get on our email list or become a member, please leave a message on our hotline, 612-794-7146, which is usually checked on Fridays. If you need to speak to someone sooner, please call Terry Gips at 612-374-4765.