Yiddish Vinkl

1430 Nevada Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55426-2027

P: 952.544.5423

The goals of Yiddish Vinkl are to: perpetuate and foster pride in Yiddish language and culture, remember our mishpokhe [extended family], to claim our yikhes [heritage], through appreciation, speaking, teaching and learning Yiddish.

The Minneapolis Yiddish Vinkl meets Sept. through May to promote our mameloshen (Yiddish Language) through history, songs, literature,  films,  and conversation.  The group meets the second Sunday of the month 10:00a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the Sabes JCC, St. Louis Park, MN.  Yearly dues are $20 or $3.00 per meeting. Concerts are $5.00. Coffee and light refreshments follow each meeting. (Once or twice a year we have to reschedule to the first or last Sunday due to scheduling conficts at the JCC. Our members receive notice of meetings in the mail each month.)