Resources for managing these difficult times


Uncertainty is all around us; the impact can be challenging.  Jewish Family Service of St. Paul, a Jewish Federation of Greater St. Paul beneficiary agency, is dedicated to helping you find the tools and means to navigate through the turbulence.

Call JFS for:


Employment Services


Brush up your resume, your job hunting skills, your on-line job search capabilities, your interview savvy with the support of our Employment Services staff.  Use the equipment and internet access in the job resource room, available 9:00-4:00 Monday through Friday.  Schedule a consultation with an Employment counselor, or join a job club or a professional networking meeting.  Get connected with a community volunteer experience to enhance your resume and skills.  Attend job fairs with local employers actively seeking new hires.


For information or an appointment, contact Estrella Flores or Mollie Burstein Ostrow at 651-698-0767, or email



Uncertainty highlights stress.  Usual ways of managing pressure feel insufficient.  Meet with a JFS counselor to develop additional ways of coping with stress to supplement those you already have.  Learn, too, how to help your children manage their stress.


For information, contact Mitchell Wittenberg or Marjorie Sigel at 651-698-0767, or email


Senior Services


The form of your retirement years seemed so clear.  Suddenly things have changed.  Determine what resources may help you weather the economy; find resources to augment and bolster your plans.  Learn about options and community resources for yourself or for other elders in your family and circle.


For information, contact Chris Rosenthal at 651-698-0767 or email


Financial Assistance


Aid is available for such things as avoiding eviction, overdue utility bills, medical needs, job or medical related transportation, and other immediate financial issues.  A screening will help you review your needs and learn the resources available to meet them.  Both JFS Financial Assistance funds—including grants, loans and connection with the Jewish Free Loan Program—as well as other community resources may help you past the immediate issues and allow you to concentrate on moving ahead.


For information or an appointment, contact Anita Dinerstein at 651-698-0767 or email


Further Information and Referral


No one organization does it all.  For help in locating other community resources to round out your “survival kit,” talk to any of the JFS staff noted above.  Together you can assess the circumstances and determine the additional contacts to make.  JFS staff can also help with making and maximizing those connections.


Call JFS at 651-698-0767, or email
Russian speakers can call 651 698-9167 to access JFS services or other community resources.