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Shana Tova

From the Desk of Ted Flaum, CEO,  St. Paul Jewish Federation


The call of the shofar has three distinct voices. The long blast of Tekiah awakens us to awareness. The broken sound of Shevarim weeps for the pain in the world, and the staccato notes of T’ruah urgently call us to action.


Each voice resonates with meaning, but it’s when they are connected by sounding them in combination during the shofar service on Rosh HaShanah that they are complete.

Our sages offer many interpretations of the significance of the shofar’s call. This year, I find the idea of connection most meaningful because it speaks to the importance of being part of a community. We are stronger together than any one of us is alone.


This last year brought many challenges including the pandemic, social strife and a rise in antisemitism. When Federation initiated the Yad B’Yad campaign for COVID relief last November, it was gratifying to see our community respond so quickly and generously to help our neighbors. This July, it was powerful to see our community come together on the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol to stand united against antisemitism at the rally organized by St. Paul and Minneapolis Federations and JCRC.


From my vantage point at Federation, I see examples every day of how our community works together to welcome the stranger, enhance Jewish life, and help those most in need.


Federation’s mission is to build community locally and globally as the antidote to the challenges we face. Our purpose statement affirms, “We believe no Jew should ever feel alone. We ensure the lasting presence of an inclusive, vibrant Jewish community in St. Paul.”


We want to ensure that all Jews have access to a caring Jewish community, no matter their denomination, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, ability/disability, or socioeconomic status.


As we begin 5782, we know that no matter the challenge, we are stronger together. Thank you for all you do to make Jewish St. Paul a caring community.


Wishing you and your loved ones a Shana Tova U’Metukah, a healthy, good and sweet new year.

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