As we wrap up November, a month of generosity and gratitude — our inboxes are full of donation requests from many vital organizations. It's the time of year when we must choose where our generosity will do the most good.


Federation's far-reaching impact means we could give 1,000 reasons why community members like you support our work. But for now, we'll give you three reasons to give to Jewish Federation in 2022.


This year has been challenging for Jewish communities.


  • As antisemitism continues to rise and our community has been targeted, St. Paul Jewish Federation is investing in protecting our local institutions by monitoring threats, fortifying physical security, and providing security training. Our Community Security Campaign - Shomrim, a joint initiative with Secure Community Network (SCN) and the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas (JCRC), helps protect Jewish organizations in the Twin Cities.
  • When disaster strikes, we act. We can respond immediately to any crisis because you continue to support Federation. The strong relationships we have built ensure our dollars go straight to communities in need. When the crisis began in Ukraine, we were there to provide uninterrupted welfare services to poor, home and bed-bound Jewish elderly and at-risk families, including food, medicine, winter relief, and homecare. From freeing Jews in the former Soviet Union to rescuing Jews from Ethiopia, Yemen, and beyond, we have been there. Because of your support, we can continue to be there.
    Today. Tomorrow. Always.
  • We are proud to support our organization because it amplifies our collective giving strength. Through Federation, our gifts are combined with the gifts of many others, infusing our donations with the power they would not have on their own. Together, we raise a powerful, collective voice that speaks against hate and in support of our community's most vulnerable members.

Every dollar donated to the St. Paul Jewish Federation exemplifies our vibrant community's resilience, power, and deep commitment to our permanence.


Please join us for Federation Shabbat on November 18 - 19 at Beth Jacob Congregation, Mount Zion Temple, or Temple of Aaron to support our Jewish community. In these times of great uncertainty, when Jews feel isolated or divided across political and economic lines, the Jewish Federation works to keep our community united. Your support is vital and more crucial than ever before.

For all those who have already put their trust in us, we thank you for your generosity and support.


To make your donation go even further, please donate directly to St. Paul Jewish Federation on Minnesota's biggest day of giving by clicking here.