A New Round of Ethiopian Aliyah

You can help Ethiopian Jews resettle in Israel

We at Jewish Federations have played a pivotal role in helping over 97,000 Ethiopian Jews fulfill their dream of making Aliyah to Israel.


This year, Jewish Federations and our partners are on the ground in Ethiopia, providing critical humanitarian aid to our brothers and sisters facing malnutrition and medical needs while waiting to make Aliyah and supporting 3,000 new olim as they complete their journey to Israel, reuniting with their families and beginning their absorption into Israeli society.

Join us in supporting our brothers and sisters as their dreams become a reality.

To watch one family reunite, click here


To support the special needs of Ethiopian aliyah to Israel, the Jewish Federations of North America is seeking to raise an additional $9 million.

Find out more about this historic effort:


History of Ethiopian Aliyah

Ethiopian Aliyah Fact Sheet


If you would like to donate in support of Ethiopian Aliyah and humanitarian relief, please click here.


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