In Search of Gvinah Levanah

In Israel, Shavuot is the Dairy Holiday (among other things). Being a dairy empire (with all due respect to Wisconsin) Israeli grocery stores offer an incredible variety of soft and hard cheese, yogurts, milk, cream and ice creams. On top of that, numerous boutique-like, often family owned, cheese factories, produce and sell a dazzling (and frequently smelly!) variety of goat, sheep or buffalo yummy cheese.  A bite of any kind, along with freshly baked bread and a cool bottle of Chardonnay and all of a sudden life can feel very rewarding

For me, being a vegetarian with a great desire for dairy Gvina Levanah, was always the one and only. It is probably one of the most common products in every dairy isle in Israel, offered as a healthy choice of 0.5% fat to the somewhat less nutritious 9% fat option (guess which one tastes better) and costs less than $2. Yet, is tastes like heaven, spread on a slice of Challa, toast or simply eaten with a spoon (my favorite).

Gvinah Levanah, which can be literally translated to “White Cheese”, is probably an Israeli invention to be found exclusively in Israel, as I have never been able to find it anywhere else in the world. I’m not looking for recipes or ideas of how to make my own cheese, I want the real thing. If you know where Gvinah Levanah can be purchased in MN (preferably in the TC) and are willing to disclose this valuable information, my internal gratitude and homemade cheese blintzes are guaranteed to you.


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