Planned Giving and Endowments


Live Generously. An Endowment is Forever.

A planned gift to the St. Paul Jewish community enables you to be present forever. Whether your gift is used to provide for the needs of the Jewish poor, to assist the elderly, to rescue Jews in need around the world, or to fight anti-Semitism – no matter where or when in the future, you can be there to help.


You don’t have to be wealthy to help them. It just requires planning. You can designate how your gift is to be used: to provide unrestricted funds to help meet community needs now and in the future; or to provide permanent resources to aid identified programs, projects, agencies, organizations, or initiatives that are of particular interest to you and your family.


Current circumstances and resources may dictate when you choose to initiate your gift, how much you give and why. You may need to consider your own financial needs or you may want to provide income for loved ones. No matter what your motivation for giving, how much you are able to give, or when you would like your gift to begin—there’s an option for you.

Planned giving offers many benefits.

If you give during your lifetime, you will receive a charitable income tax deduction. If your estate is subject to taxes, a gift made at death will provide a tax deduction. Perhaps most important is the enduring nature of planned giving—you may use the fund to honor or remember a loved one, perpetuating your family name long beyond your lifetime. It’s up to you.

Create your personal legacy.

The same charitable act that provides our St. Paul Jewish community with a contribution this year can ensure that the community receives a gift on your behalf every year, throughout your lifetime and beyond.


For generations to come, when your grandchildren become grandparents, Jewish elderly will continue to face challenges that threaten their independence. Some will need subsidized housing, specialized care, and programs to help them stay active and vibrant. They will need your help.


Click on the links below to learn how you can create your personal legacy.

Decades from now,

When our world is a very different place, you can help future generations of Jews who may be caught off-guard by misfortune or misunderstanding. They will need your help, you can be there.


At home in St. Paul...

Our community is changing and growing. St. Paul is home to life-long community members and is welcoming newcomers from across the United States and around the world. We need endowments to keep St. Paul vital for generations to come.


For Jews around the world

Our global Jewish community is constantly faced with changing needs and unforeseen problems. A shifting landscape breeds unprecedented challenges. Whether we are caring for the elderly in the Former Soviet Union, helping Jews in the diaspora come home to Israel, or kindling the spark of Judaism in the hearts of young people, your gift allows you to be there—forever.


Your gift will allow you to be there whenever help is needed. Today, throughout your lifetime and for generations to come. An Endowment is Forever. Let your name be recalled as a blessing.  



For more information, contact Juliana Sellers at or 612.810.1820​.


The Jewish Federation of Greater St. Paul does not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult your financial advisor for the options that may be best for you.