Never Forget: Honoring the Legacy of the Victims of the Holocaust

As we approach International Holocaust Remembrance day on January 27th and honor the memory of the six million Jews brutally murdered during the Holocaust, our hearts ache for the survivors who have lived to see the atrocities committed against them. We cannot let time pass us by without taking action to support and honor these brave individuals. As they are now in the twilight years of their lives, most survivors are over 85 years old, and an alarming one-third live in poverty. They deserve to live with comfort and dignity and to know that their stories will be remembered so that the horrors of the Holocaust will never happen again. Our moral obligation is to do everything in our power to ensure they are not forgotten and their legacy lives on.

One of the most powerful ways to honor the victims of the Holocaust is by educating ourselves and others about the events that took place. It is crucial that we understand the history of the Holocaust to ensure that such atrocities never happen again. 

Join us and our partner agency Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and The Dakotas (JCRC), on January 27th at the Plymouth Congregational Church at 1 pm as they host International Holocaust Remembrance Day: A Conversation with Rebecca Erbelding and Steve Hunegs. Guests are encouraged to watch the entire three episodes of “The US and the Holocaust” before attending the conversation. “The US and the Holocaust” can be found on via TPT Passport or TPT2.

We firmly believe in the importance of caring for and learning from Holocaust survivors, which is why Jewish Federations of North America established the Center on Holocaust Survivor Care and implemented a trauma-informed approach to care. We have also worked to secure survivors' funding and promote the Never Again Holocaust Education Act.

Another critical way to honor Holocaust victims is by showing support and care for the survivors who are still with us today. Jewish Family Services of St. Paul (JFS) offers in-home services to enable survivors to continue living in our community for as long as possible. These survivors are our heroes and valuable teachers, and it is our duty to ensure that they can live their remaining years with dignity and respect. 

As it is essential to hear directly from survivors, we encourage everyone to take action by educating themselves, sharing their knowledge, and getting involved in Holocaust remembrance efforts. We have a short window of time to hear first-hand from survivors. And there’s still so much for us to do.

Take a stand against hate and discrimination in all forms. By speaking out against hatred and bigotry, we can honor the victims of the Holocaust by ensuring that their legacy lives on in a world where such atrocities are never repeated.

Learn. Share. Get involved. Here’s how you can help:

Learn by reading moving personal accounts of surviving the Holocaust or living in hiding during the Nazi regime.

Visit the Transfer of Memory Exhibition.

Donate to a Jewish organization that helps support Holocaust Survivors and Holocaust educational initiatives.

Advocate Congress to request more Holocaust education and thank Members of Congress for funding Holocaust survivor services.



“We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

- Elie Wiesel