Young Adult Leadership Action (YALA) Dual Leadership Model


MINNEAPOLIS & ST. PAUL, May 25, 2023 -- The Minneapolis and St. Paul Jewish Federations jointly announce a crucial transition in the leadership structure of the Young Adult Leadership Action (YALA) program.

To enhance YALA's influence and extend its reach within our communities, we are moving towards a dual leadership model. Each Federation will now house a dedicated YALA Director overseeing local operations and reporting directly to their respective Federation. This strategic change will preserve YALA's core activities and commitments, expand our capacity, encourage collaboration, and broaden our reach.

James Cohen, CEO of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation, and Ted Flaum, CEO of the St. Paul Jewish Federation, have jointly affirmed,

"The introduction of two distinct leadership roles within YALA represents a significant step forward in reinforcing our commitment to our community. This structure will enhance our ability to better engage with and inspire young adults across our communities. Each leader will bring unique insights, contributing to a richer and more diverse range of offerings."

Both leaders added:

"While each director will operate within their respective Federation, they will collaborate extensively. This cooperative approach will ensure that our engagement with the entire Twin Cities Jewish community continues unabated and even strengthened."

The Young Adult Leadership Action (YALA) program will continue offering engaging programs and events designed to inspire, educate, and connect our community members locally and globally. The collaboration that will persist underscores the YALA commitment to its mission of sustaining Jewish life, supporting the growth of young Jewish adults and organizations in the Twin Cities in leadership, volunteerism, philanthropy, and community connection.

The search for two passionate and dedicated YALA Directors is underway, with both Federations actively seeking individuals committed to community engagement and leadership development.

As we embark on this promising new chapter, we want to emphasize our dedication to fostering unity, leadership, and action among young adults remains steadfast. We are enthusiastic about welcoming this new era of collaboration and community impact that will further reinforce YALA's mission of nurturing future leaders.


The Young Adult Leadership Action (YALA) program is a joint Minneapolis and St. Paul Jewish Federations initiative. YALA's mission is to inspire young adults in the Twin Cities to become engaged community leaders through meaningful and impactful activities and events. For more information, visit

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