The Partnership2Gether (P2G) program, a collaborative effort between the St. Paul Jewish Federation, the Jewish Agency for Israel, and our partner region of Sovev Kinneret, connects the St. Paul and Milwaukee Jewish communities with Israel. This initiative goes beyond geographical boundaries to foster meaningful connections between dedicated St. Paul volunteers and their Israeli counterparts collaborating on shared educational, cultural, social welfare, and economic development endeavors.

Through P2G, we enrich lives, promote mutual understanding, and create lasting partnerships that transcend borders. Together, we are strengthening our Jewish identity and contributing to the growth and well-being of all involved, creating a global network that embodies the spirit of unity and cooperation. Join us in building a brighter future where our shared values and experiences unite us in a common purpose.

Yedidya Yasu, St. Paul Jewish Community Shaliach

We are excited to welcome Yedidya Yasu, our Shaliach from Beit Shemesh, Israel. At just 23 years old, Yedidya brings youthful enthusiasm and a rich variety of experiences to our community. Yedidya has an impressive history of community involvement, including serving as a council member and ethics advocate for the District and Municipal Student and Youth Council. He has also actively guided young people in the "Bnei Akiva" youth movement and facilitated student-led social projects.


During his military service, Yedidya's leadership skills shone as he led teams of soldiers, many lone soldiers or new immigrants. He excelled as a Staff Sergeant, overseeing soldiers in their conversion process while serving in the military.


Yedidya's journey to Shlichut is deeply rooted in his strong belief in the global connections between Israel and Jewish communities. With experience as a skilled community outreach expert and manager at The Jewish Agency for Israel's content creation department, he is dedicated to creating a warm and inclusive environment.


Beyond his role as a Shaliach, Yedidya is a passionate fan of stand-up comedy, and he takes joy in preparing delicious Israeli and Ethiopian dishes before Shabbat.

"I'm a huge football fan (, and nothing can make me happy more than a good chocolate. I'm really excited to meet all of you."

We are grateful to have Yedidya working in our community! Contact him at

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P2G, in collaboration with the Jewish Agency for Israel connects St. Paul and Milwaukee Jewish communities with Israel. Our volunteers engage in shared initiatives spanning education, culture, social welfare, and economic development, fostering lasting partnerships beyond borders. Join us in building a brighter future grounded in unity, cooperation, and shared values. Your support is crucial in nurturing this global network of solidarity.

What is Partnership 2Gether (P2G)?

Partnership 2Gether is a program of the St. Paul Jewish Federation and the Jewish Agency for Israel, designed to cultivate people-to-people relationships, projects and professional programs between St. Paul and our partner region, Sovev Kinneret, in Israel. Volunteers from St. Paul collaborate with their Israeli counterparts on cultural, social and educational exchanges.


The St. Paul Jewish community is paired with the Sovev Kinneret region in northern Israel. It includes the communities of the city of Tiberias, the Lower Galilee, the Jordan River Valley and Kvar Tavor.

We share the partnership with Milwaukee.

How does P2G work?

Through a committee comprised of community leaders from St. Paul, Milwaukee, and the Sovev Kinneret region, we collaborate on community development projects and exchange programs each year. St. Paul Jewish community members can visit and volunteer in our Partnership Region.


Keeping Israel and overseas Jewish communities safe, strong and prosperous has always been one of our top priorities. We provide meaningful support in times of need while, at the same time, promoting individual connections through travel opportunities, educational programs and cultural exchanges. Opportunities to get involved abound.




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Supporting Israel & the World

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Sovev Kinneret

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