Passport to Israel

Passport to Israel is a savings incentive program that encourages families to start saving early for a child's educational Israel experience. The Jewish community believes that this type of experience is important for our youth.


The Jewish Federation of Greater St. Paul administers this community partnership with families, sponsoring congregations, and participating organizations, to make an Israel experience more affordable. Participating organizations help families enroll in Passport to Israel and make contributions.


Here you will find information on enrollment & eligibility. Click here for frequently asked questions about the Passport to Israel Program.


Jewish children ages 8-21 in the St. Paul community are eligible to enroll in Passport to Israel. Affiliation and participation with a congregation or agency is encouraged by not required. Participation in the St. Paul Federation is required.


Eligible children can enroll in Passport to Israel through their sponsoring synagogue or participating Jewish organization.


Eligible Israel Programs
Students must start their Israel program between the ages of 15 and 21. Programs must be operated by a reputable organization and have a solid educational foundation. Students may select from hundreds of programs offered by national and local organizations.


Families and sponsoring congregations contribute a combined total of $200 per year, per child. Consult your congregation for details. Families enrolled through participating agencies contribute $200 directly to the St. Paul Jewish Federation, as these agencies do not contribute financially. The Federation adds $150 per child for up to eight years, or $1,200. All funds are placed in an interest-bearing account.


Everyone gains from Passport to Israel:

  • Teens strengthen their Jewish identity through a concrete connection to Jewish history, and contemporary Israeli society and culture.
  • Families earn additional funds to send their children on Israel trips.
  • Synagogues value trips to Israel and encourage families to enroll in the Passport program
  • The St. Paul Jewish Federation fulfills its mission to strengthen bonds between Jewish communities in St. Paul, Israel, and around the world.

For more information about the program, contact Stacy Dockman at 651-695-3182 or