To honor the esteemed members of our community, Don & Rhoda Mains, the St. Paul Jewish Federation is thrilled to collaborate with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation's LIFE & LEGACY PLUS program. Together, we are dedicated to supporting the St. Paul Jewish community by promoting the idea of giving beyond one's lifetime, benefiting 15 Jewish organizations. This joint community effort provides cutting-edge training, support, and financial incentives to encourage these organizations to secure legacy gifts, engage donors, and integrate Legacy giving into their philanthropic culture. Our ultimate aim is to create a vibrant Jewish life in St. Paul, both now and for generations to come.

By contributing to a participating organization through LIFE & LEGACY PLUS, donors can have a significant impact on strengthening the Jewish community, ensuring its growth, and securing its prosperity for the future. Together, we are shaping a future that celebrates our rich heritage and paves the way for abundance in the years to come. We invite you to join us in building a legacy filled with purpose, inspiration, and unwavering dedication.


You can secure vital Jewish community programs today while ensuring a safety net is in place to protect and strengthen our Jewish community for generations. Your legacy ensures that you’ll be remembered—and your work and Jewish values will continue beyond your lifetime.

Creating your own Jewish legacy empowers you to further the work of your heart and to enjoy the peace of mind that it brings.

You can:
• PERPETUATE the Jewish traditions and values you cherish
• PRESERVE the programs and institutions that support Jewish life in St. Paul and around the world
• PLAN for your family’s philanthropic interests and enjoy tax advantages

Creating your Jewish legacy ensures that you’ll be remembered and your work and Jewish values will continue beyond your lifetime. By creating your legacy today, you can secure vital Jewish community programs that you wish to sustain while ensuring a safety net is in place to protect and strengthen our Jewish community for generations. It’s a meaningful, personal way to honor loved ones, and teach your children and grandchildren the value of philanthropy. You will ensure a strong, vibrant and engaging community that will perpetuate your values into the future.

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Throughout Jewish history, repairing the world has been a hallmark of our culture. Our children are taught tzedakah (justice) through their parents and grandparents’ examples of volunteering, giving, and caring for those unable to care for themselves.

Thanks in part to the legacy of those who came before us, our community has been able to have the human and financial resources to care for those in need, meet unexpected challenges and plan for the future. But ensuring that we will be able to do so in the future requires continued vision, commitment and a willingness to be part of a community. The choices we make today will have an enormous impact on the ability of our Jewish community to thrive for generations to come. This is the time to ensure our collective Jewish future by building a strong, secure and permanent community endowment.

Doing so will allow more young people to experience Israel, Jewish summer camps, and Jewish day schools – all of which are proven to significantly increase the likelihood of a lifelong Jewish commitment. Our synagogues will continue to be inspiring spiritual homes, preserving our Jewish heritage and educating future generations. Dignified and compassionate care for our seniors, as well as those in our community, with limited means will be assured. A legacy gift will make eternal your commitment to the people and the State of Israel.

Chances are, you already support Jewish charitable organizations. Have you considered including those organizations in your estate plan, so you can continue making a difference for generations to come? You can express your values, honor your heritage and do something lasting and significant for the community. Through Create a Jewish Legacy, you can establish a legacy to enhance our Jewish future and perpetuate the values you cherish.

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LIFE & LEGACY is an opportunity for everyone, regardless of age, wealth, or affiliation, to leave a meaningful legacy for future generations. Creating your Jewish legacy is simpler than you might think, with options including:


  • Bequest in a Will
  • Gift of Life Insurance
  • Gift of IRA or Pension Funds
  • Gift of Cash or Assets
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Charitable Remainder Trust


Our LIFE & LEGACY PLUS professionals are here to assist you. They can collaborate with you and your advisor(s) to determine the best gift option for your unique circumstances. Through LIFE & LEGACY PLUS, you can create a lasting impact that aligns your values and interests with the community's needs. Regardless of the size of your legacy gift, we can tailor it to fit your situation.


Together, we will shape the future of the Jewish community and make a lasting difference in the lives of future generations. Your involvement in this initiative is meaningful, and every contribution matters. Let's work hand in hand to secure a promising future for the Jewish community.

Through your legacy, you can:

  • Honor your values of Tzedaka and Tikun Olam and share those values with your family and the community you love.
  • Provide ongoing support for programs and organizations that resonate with your passions and values.
  • Strategically plan for your family's philanthropic goals while benefiting from tax advantages.
  • Pay tribute to loved ones with an endowed naming opportunity that will endure for generations.


Whether you are interested in supporting a specific institution or a broader area of interest, such as elderly care, Jewish education, enriching summer camp experiences, inclusive programs for community members with special needs, or empowering scholarships for Israel experiences, the choice is entirely yours.