Teen Philanthropy


Think you need to be an adult to be a philanthropist? Think again! Jewish teens are making a difference in our community and giving to causes they care most about to help those in need.


You’ve been learning about Tzedakah for as long as you can remember …
Now there’s a way for you to create your own tzedakah fund — Gesher l'Kesher is a fund that you can use to make gifts to charities you select every year.


Gesher l'Kesher Fund

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What is a Gesher l'Kesher Fund?

Think of it as your own private tzedakah box, with money that you can request to be given away to charity every year in your own name.

How does the fund work?

You start your fund by making a deposit at the Jewish Federation of Greater St. Paul with a minimum of $360. Every year you choose which charity you would like to donate to from your fund. Learn more!

How do I get started?

To sign up for a fund, fill out a Gesher l’Kesher Form that you can get from your synagogue or the St. Paul Federation. Return it to the St. Paul Federation office. You can either send it with your check for $360 or simply let us know to watch for gifts from your friends and relatives.

Other FAQ's about Gesher l'Kesher

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Contact Ellen Konstan at ekonstan@stpaulfed.org or 651-485-7143 with questions.