What Will I Experience On a Mission to Israel?

You see the most beautiful country in the world; a country steeped in your history. Jeep through the desert and know that you're following the route of our ancestors. Visit Tiberias and know you're in the city where our greatest sages lived.


Enjoy the culture and sophistication of Tel Aviv and remember that 40 years ago the city was little more than sand. Stand by the Western Wall and know that this is your moment to feel the hopes and dreams of generations of Jews.


Going to Israel with the St. Paul Federation or United Jewish Communities is not just a tour — it's a mission because you're taken behind the scenes. Whether military, cultural or political, we have access to all realms of society. The most experienced guides in the country and renowned scholars are your traveling companions. Writers, artists, politicians, the country's founders — eagerly meet our mission participants.


But most importantly, it's not just a tour — it's a mission because you're going home to be with family!

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